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"Music must be authentic and full of passion. If it frees your soul and hurts you physically at the same time - only then it is really compelling."

The musicians around Lysz (lead voc) and Hannes (voc, bass) translate the lyrics written by Lysz into electronic rock. Diligently composed arrangements accompany deep verses: sometimes passionate, sometimes chilling, but always different. Even though their 2008 debut album 'Experiment' consisted mainly of dark, atmospheric electro sounds, the successor, planned to be released in 2014, will feature an explosive live band assembled from experienced musicians to create a fusion with the original electronic arrangements.
This creates an innovative mix between atmospheric ambient sounds, compelling beats and dynamic rock. The sophisticated arrangements rarely follow established song structures and invite the listener to delve into Divamee's music again and again.
Some pre-released songs from the upcoming album have been well received in both their live and studio versions. The band returned to airplay on several online radio stations and supported ASP on their 2013 Maskenball tour. Furthermore they received awards from the German Pop foundation for their songs Nice Girl and Rubber Doll.

Thus, the current material lets you feel a piece of Lysz heart and her dark soul.

Divamee is and ive and/or studio musicians

Animal welfare, nature protection, and sexual abuse of children are the main topics of Divamee. They get involved with these topics also in private life. This and inspiration by life make Divamee an authentic music project: after working together with various composers to create Divamees first CD "Experiment" you actually can expect only their own songs.


  • CD Experiment (Traxxit) 2008

  • CD Experiment (limited Edition) 2008

  • Releases

  • Lots of remixes (songs of 1st CD "Experiment") were done by several great musicians

  • 2014 by Divamee